How To Buy Good backpack Sep 12, 2017

1.Consider day to day comfort. Look for backpacks that will be the right size for your daily needs. Using an overly large backpack will make it more likely you will overfill it. Think about how many books or electronics you need to carry.Don’t try to carry more than 15% of your body weight. Rolling backpacks can be a great alternative if you have heavy loads.

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2.Find the right fit. Look for padded shoulders and try backpacks on. Two strapped bags are better than single strapped, because they distribute weight better. Try backpacks on, if not shopping online and remember the bottom should rest on the curve of your lower back.

3.Keep quality in mind. Loose threads and careless stitching can be dead giveaways of bad quality. A backpack can give years of good use and you want to make sure your investment is durable. Inspect the fabric for any raw edges.

4.Think about extra features. Backpacks come in all types and extra features can be either useful or unnecessary. If you carry a lot of small items such as pencils, keys or snacks, you may want extra pockets to easily access them. Some bags have padded pockets for computer tablets and laptops. Opt for a more basic backpack, if you don’t need these extra compartments.

5.Choose the right style. Think about where you will be taking your new backpack. If you are going off to college, you may want a bag that will carry heavy books, but also show some personal style. If you’re traveling in urban areas, you will want a streamlined, modern style. These bags typically have hidden pockets that do not look bulky.

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