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1. Tailor-madeGlobal 

multifunctional luggage customization

Experts with 20 years of luggage experience and leather goods luggage customization experience, with 2 major production bases, 400,000 bags per month, guaranteed delivery time, 10 production lines, standardized production line operations, material/process/testing standards, compliance with the contractVarious computer bags, backpacks, digital storage bags, special bags, etc., can meet different customer requirements, order from 1000;

2 Imported equipment 

Full set of automated production, high quality and high efficiency 

Fully equipped, including 120 computerized DY flat cars, more than 30 buried high cars, 4 60-ton cutting machines and other different production equipmentAll kinds of advanced testing equipment, standard laboratory testing center, production process strictly control the quality, QC testing, before leaving the factoryLarge-scale dust-free leather production workshop, specializing in the production of environmentally friendly leather luggage products;

3 Quality Assurance

Professional and reliable testing to escort quality 

Long-term cooperation with professional material suppliers, stable supply, punctual payment, control product quality from the source;Self-built leather luggage laboratory, each production process strictly controls the quality and QC testing before leaving the factory;The product is guaranteed for 3 years, which is 3-10 times longer than the warranty period of the peers, to provide you with considerate service;

4.Production Process

Quality first, customer satisfaction

When we receive the customer’s order, the business department confirms the customer’s order, the purchasing department arranges the purchase of materials, QC checks the quality of the material to ensure that the material quality meets the standard, the opening department arranges the opening, the production department arranges to go online, and arranges QC inspection after the completion of the printingWhether there is any quality problem, ensure that the product meets customer requirements, and then package and ship.

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