I need a laptop bag !!!? Mar 21, 2017

I need a travel laptop bag that can store a 17inch laptop and also others stuff like t-shirts and maybe a pair of trainers any help anyone? any brands and website would help thanks.

The bag you choose will depend on several features and considerations, but the most important one is how you plan on using the bag. If you're a frequent traveler, for example, you should look for a bag labeled "checkpoint friendly". If you have a very large and heavy laptop, a rolling case style can help prevent sore shoulders. Carry a lot of papers, a spare battery, portable hard drive, and/or lots of other stuff? Look for both spaciousness and pockets for organization.

Since you don’t need this bag for purely business reasons, a business laptop backpack may be a more appropriate choice for you since it can actually double up as a gym bag. Why don’t you take a look at this Live Large backpack (http://www.kandexs.com ) ? It has the organization to function as a mobile office, and still has room for your t-shirts (you can put them in the file section). If you like the looks of it, I suggest you check it out at a local store to see if your trainers can fit in as well.

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